Restricted access mini piling

North Piling can offer steel cased driven, sectional flight auger, open auger bore, grundomat & steel cased auger piling.

Restricted access mini piling involves the use of specially designed equipment to operate in limited headroom or limited access.

The small specifically designed rigs we use allow us to gain entry into the smallest of areas either via a crane, low loader or even through a front door of a house.

Mini piling is ideal for:

  • Residential extensions
  • Restricted access areas
  • Working inside buildings
  • Properties with subsidence
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Retaining walls for basements
  • Railway work
  • Highways work

Open Auger Bore

Open auger bored piles are created by drilling sectional solid stemmed auger flights into the ground, the sectional augers are added until the design depth is achieved.

The sectional augers are then withdrawn from the ground removing each auger from the rig as it exits leaving an “open hole”.

Steel reinforcement is then placed before being filled with concrete to complete the pile.

Hollow Stem Bore

Hollow stem bore piles are created by drilling hollow sectional auger flights into the ground, once the design depth has been achieved sand-cement grout or concrete is pumped down the centre of the auger flight filling the pile whilst the augers are steadily and slowly withdrawn, once filled reinforcement is inserted completing the pile.

This method of piling alleviates any issues with unstable bores and water strikes as the bore is permanent supported by the augers throughout construction.

Steel Cased Driven

Steel cased driven piles are created using circular steel casings with a crimped toe. These casings are driven into the ground using an integral weight which is repeatedly dropped from a pre-determined distance onto a dry mix concrete plug in the base of the pile which in turn propels the casing through the surrounding soil.

The Casings are connected together by forming a continuous water tight fillet weld. Once the pile length and set has been achieved the excess steel casing is cut away at ground level, concrete and steel reinforcement is then inserted to complete the pile.


Steel cased driven piles can be achieved by inserting a Grundomat into the casing onto the dry mix concrete plug.

The casings are fillet welded together until the desired length or set has been achieved, excess steel casing is cut away at ground level, concrete and steel reinforcement is then inserted to complete the pile.

Steel Cased Auger

Steel cased auger piles are created by positioning the auger inside a steel drill casing. The auger and casing are mounted on two independent superimposed rotary heads rotating in opposite directions. The auger and casing are simultaneously screwed into the ground but in opposite directions.

Once the design depth has been achieved the auger flight is lifted with the casings still in place removing the spoil leaving an “open bore”. Steel reinforcement is inserted and the pile is filled with concrete similar to open bore piling. The final process is to remove the steel casings to complete the pile. This method protects the pile from unstable ground or if water encountered.

Pile Design Service

We use an award winning specialist pile designer who is equipped with state of the art geotechnical and structural engineering design software who assesses each project and the ground conditions on site to select the most efficient and cost effective method of piling.

The specialist designer can also complete full foundation design packages whether that is ground beams, pile caps, slabs or retaining walls. This is a personalised service we offer to our clients, whether you already have certain aspects completed by the structural engineer or if you need the full design from scratch we can help.

Upon acceptance of a project the specialist designer will provide a full detailed design package which is covered by £5m Professional Indemnity insurance.

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