Augered Piling

North Piling can offer both open bore and CFA methods of piling.

Augered piling can offer economic, low noise and vibration solutions to constructing retaining walls or bearing piles. This method of piling can achieve medium to high loaded structures. These processes can be used for environmentally sensitive sites and/or working near existing structures.

Augered piling can be employed in almost all ground conditions from soft ground supported by temporary casing through to high grade very strong rock cored in to open-hole techniques. These rigs are used on larger sites with no limited access or headroom and are very economical.

Augered Piling is ideal for:

  • When vibration/noise is an issue
  • Sites where rock is present
  • Piles that require a rock socket
  • Built up areas
  • Where water is present (CFA)
  • Environmentally sensitive sites

Open Auger Bore

Open bored piles are constructed using a continuous auger which is drilled into the ground, once the design depth has been achieved the auger is removed from the pile leaving an “open bore”, steel reinforcement is inserted followed by concrete to complete the pile.

Open bored piles can also be constructed following the same procedure as above but using a short solid stemmed auger attached to a telescopic Kelly bar to achieve larger diameter piles.

Temporary / permanent steel lining tubes can be installed to allow sufficient support for the pile bore while pumping installing the concrete should the ground be unstable or ground water is encountered.

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)

CFA piles are constructed using a hollow stemmed augers drilled into the ground at a constant penetration rate.

Upon reaching the design depth of the pile, the auger flight is lifted and concrete is pumped under pressure from a concrete pump through the hollow stemmed auger simultaneously filling the void left by the auger extraction.

The extraction of the auger flight is monitored via an on board computer providing information which includes concrete pressure, volume, depth and extraction rate. Once the concrete installation is complete steel reinforcement is inserted completing the pile.

Pile Design Service

We use an award winning specialist pile designer who is equipped with state of the art geotechnical and structural engineering design software who assesses each project and the ground conditions on site to select the most efficient and cost effective method of piling.

The specialist designer can also complete full foundation design packages whether that is ground beams, pile caps, slabs or retaining walls. This is a personalised service we offer to our clients, whether you already have certain aspects completed by the structural engineer or if you need the full design from scratch we can help.

Upon acceptance of a project the specialist designer will provide a full detailed design package which is covered by £5m Professional Indemnity insurance.

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